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First Episode Air Date: August 11, 2020 1 2 overtherainbow August 9, 2020 Yay! Deon will also go on a diet and Karen is working hard on getting her clothing line up and running. The Doubling Down with Derricos stars resides in Las Vegas in a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. leighannc1. Shooting Season 4 of Doubling Down with the Derricos on @tlc and @discoveryplus. Keep reading to know. bed liner for truck home depot bathroom vanities fujifilm white balance Not only are things uncomfortable there, it turns out that Deon has a bit on an OCD that is being challenged by the amount of people under one roof. He is making claims to be another grandson and GG isnt sure how to deal with this. Come back here often for Doubling Down With the Derricos spoilers, news, and updates. 1000-Lb Best Friends- YouTube. let gads_event; Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a25388cc614cfd4273e0951c712cf821" );document.getElementById("eedd789636").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright 2023 by TV Shows Ace. Reply. Next:Everything To Know About TLC's New Reality Show Doubling Down With The Derricos. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), The prayers were answered, and fans will get the fourth season of Doubling Down with the Derricos. },false) Im so happy that the Derricos will be returning! Deon and Karen will be back and there should be a lot of time given to GG after her cancer battle. Her Health Issues, Explained. After her first day, she talked about how her classmates made her feel welcome by showing her around. This is its second season and it will premiere on April 17 at 9 p.m. EST. It allows the family to live comfortably in Las Vegas. Knowing that Deon had been spending most of time taking care of GG without rest, Karen and the girls decided to give him a night off. Parenting can be stressful and chaotic, even more so when there are so many children to manage. Be it managing the finances which run up to $3,500 for groceries alone, or doing a headcount in birth order as he drives the little Derricos to school, his role as a father compliments Karens resilience as a mother. He also said that fans should check out his social media after the episode aired for more updates. As of this moment, there are no reports about scenes being reshot, but one can expect to see a heavily edited version on screen. She was first diagnosed with cancer in 2014. The birth of their triplets brings the couple new challenges that will test everything they know about parenthood., Tags: Doubling Down with the Derricos, News, Reality TV, TLC, Glad to hear that they are filming season 4. Each episode runs for about 42 minutes. That's when viewers learned GG's lung cancer had significantly worsened in recent months. Your email address will not be published. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), The father from TLC's Doubling Down With the Derricos, Deon Derrico, was charged with forgery, theft, and false representation in 2014. The thing is, Marian has gone through chemotherapy before and it left her hesitant to go through it again. Be the first one to comment on this story. The show tells about various incidents of Karen's life. Will there be a Doubling Down With the Derricos Season 4? They are such an inspiration! For fans of Doubling Down With The Derricos, there is some pretty great news. Deon Derrico has a dark past. Your email address will not be published. With Doubling Down with the Derricos currently filming Season 4, fans might wonder what they can expect. Great In April 2014, Doubling Down With the Derricos Deon was charged with forgery, theft, and false representation according to a criminal complaint filed by the Nevada Attorney Generals Office as per this story by Las Vegas Sun. July 28, 2022 by Shawn Lealos 10 Comments. }); And the thing about it, you can't shake the fear. TLC mission De Tlvision #1. And Mrs.Derrick , you are THE mother of mothers.I look forward to season 4!!!!!!!!! Thanks be to God for his continuous grace and thanks be to God for your continuous prayers. }); "with the kids getting older and the house getting smaller, Karen and Deon are faced with more challenges than ever before" June 2023 Shes been dealing with this and bottling this up herself over the last several months, Deon told his wife. In April 2018, Deon was cleared of most charges, excluding two, which were dropped later in August, but his partner Bryant pleaded guilty for notarizing the fake deeds and was duly fined. "My philosophy on treating patients is always treating the patient first," the medical oncologist said. Season 3 of Doubling Down With the Derricos has highlighted a number of health issues going on with various members of the Derrico family. There will also be the regular family stuff. I absolutely love their family and the show. 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise is coming back too! Derrico Family Location Las Vegas, Nevada Number of Children 16 (17?) Doubling Down with the Derricos 2020 TLC 4 Seasons 31 Episodes Karen and Deon Derrico are parents to four sets of multiples -- 14 kids, including a set of quintuplets -- conceived NATURALLY! ga('ads.send', { Karen has spoken to Peopleabout the logistical difficulties of raising so many children. Doubling Down With the Derricos premieres Aug. 11 at 10pm EST on TLC. She recently took to Instagram to share an update with viewers. But excitement soon turned to sadness when Karen had a miscarriage. The doting grandmas doctors recently started her on a different type of chemo that had fewer side effects, Karen shared. With that plan being put on hold due to GG's health, the Derricos may or may not resume their business idea, depending on how the situation goes. While the Derricos might not be trained actors, they have been in the media for some time ranging from press coverage to appearances in talk shows like The Today Show. Come Tuesday, Doubling Down With the Derricos premieres on TLC, and introduces fans to yet another large family of 16. MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. hitType: 'event', Meanwhile, the Derrico 6 recorded a love song for GG for the surprise Valentine's Day party the family was planning. Shawn S. Lealos has been a freelance writer for 25 years, starting with magazines and newspapers before moving to the internet. No matter what lies ahead, the Derricos will face it together, doubling down on all the love and fun it takes to raise this unique family. Deon and Karen's everyday struggles, and the lives of the kids as they grow up, is documented. The episode will feature a special celebration honoring GG, Deon said on Instagram. Towards the end of the episode, GG finally managed to convince Deon to stop spending his nights at her place. document.querySelector("#ads").addEventListener('click',function(){ Deon was found not guilty, except for one count of false representation concerning title and one count of notarization of signature of person not in presence of notary public. So you keep praying and well keep you posted.. Apart from the heartfelt moments the family shared with GG during the season finale, there was also a surprise for Darian. ga('ads.send', { eventAction: 'view' They also have Derrick, 12, who was born on July 18, 2010, and their 11-year-old twins Dallas and Denver. Because, while the show is about a family with a whopping 14 kids, it turns out that Deon and Karen Derrico have an adopted son who isn't featured in it. DOUBLING DOWN WITH THE DERRICOS: Premieres Tuesday, May 30 at 10pm ET/PT SAVE MY SKIN: Premieres Wednesday, June 14 at 9pm ET/PT . For the theft counts, Deon and a co-defendant were accused of participating in a fraudulent scheme, to either directly or indirectly gain control of real property by filing two fraudulent and fictitious quitclaim deeds with the Clark County Recorders Office, transferring the [victims] property into the name of Derrico and depriving the [victim] of their property., As for the false representation concerning title counts, the parties were accused of executing or causing a false or forged quitclaim deed to be recorded in the Clark County Recorders Office., Deon and the co-defendant also allegedly notarized the signature of [the victim] on a quitclaim deed to the property belonging to [the victim] without being in the presence of [the victim] and without providing a credible witness or necessary evidence of identification.. From Daytime soap news, spoilers, reality shows, and the latest interviews, Stormy is the all-around Girl. Doubling Down with the Derricos is coming back with its fourth season and the filming is officially underway. The TLC show has Deon put on an invisible cape as he takes on the highly strenuous task of playing a doting dad to 14 children. Deon said in the clip: Having four sets of multiples back to back is like getting struck by lightning while getting struck by lightning., When Karen goes into early labor, Deon said: I am just terrified!, Karen cried: I am really nervous that I can lose one of these babies.. ga('ads.send', { Sisters Spoilers: Dr. Procter Is Not Happy With Amys Progress, TLC Fans React To Pedros Mom In 90 Day Fianc: Love In Paradise. I had a bogus criminal case that came up, said Deon about the allegations which had put his reality TV career on hold. Heres what you need to know. Dr. Rupesh Parikh helped put GG's anxieties at ease with his approach to treatment. Shark Tank: Where To Buy Eat Your Flowers, Shark Tank: Where To Buy Big Mouth Toothbrush, Shark Tank: Where To Buy Youthforia Makeup. In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's episode of Doubling Down with the Derricos, the parents of 14 are standing by as they wait for their 4-year-old son Diez to come out of surgery,. Ben Seewald Demands Media Retractions About Jessas Abortion. 9.1 Premiere Date TV Anime Browse by TV Network Renewal status # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Q P R S T U V W X Y Z Sort by Recently Added Ads You can be totally innocent but can be made to look like someone else, the Doubling Down With the Derricos star was quoted saying amidst reports of him writing a book. m. They are not strangers to bringing some controversial stories to the world, and we are excited that they have decided that we need something . These four women have worked as hard as they can to be where they are today! Approximately one million viewers watched the finale. Deons mother revealed her lung cancer returned, and the season ended with them putting the move on hold as GG began her treatment. Copyright 2023 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. The new season for TLC is coming in hot and we cant wait to see what happens! The therapy is working. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can follow Shawn on Twitter at @sslealos. Karen, 40, and 49-year-old Deon Derrico juggle between their family of quintuplets, triplets, and two sets of twins with three more on the way. In 2020, TLC debuted their latest reality show starring a family of 10+ kids. We will get a chance to see all 14 of their children once again . The media consensus on the lab-leak theory congealed so rapidly that it completely distorted the . Given that Doubling Down With the Derricos episodes are filmed well in advance of when they air, fans are naturally wondering what GGs health status is today. This will be her first job and she is doing anything she can to excel in life. Doubling Down With the Derricos is produced by Big City TV, part of The Content Group, for TLC. In Season 5, Episode 10 of Doubling Down With the Derricos, Deon told cameras that GG was previously diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014. Release Date & Everything To Know By Preety March 2, 2023 Several Sleepless nights and a room full of toys are some things one deals with when you have young kids in the house. hitType: 'event', Doubling Down with the Derricos - watch online: streaming, buy or rent Shawn is a voting member of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle and a former member of the Society of Professional Journalists. }); But, the family patriarch Deon whos quite popular locally for having fathered natural quintuplets, has been charged with 16 counts, including 10 felonies in the past. ga('ads.send', { This week's episode was all about keeping GG's spirits high as she started her chemotherapy. Track Doubling Down with the Derricos season 4 episodes. Doubling Down With the Derricos spoilers reveal that the fourth season of the show is coming to TLC! Doubling Down With the Derricos airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. In the Season 3 finale of Doubling Down with the Derricos, Deon was finally able to convince GG to visit a cancer specialist who suggested that they try chemotherapy with immunotherapy and radiation therapy to help her recover. Derrico was accused of taking over properties that were flipped during the recession through quitclaim deeds in which the embattled owners would sign over their names. Karen and Deon Derrico are a Las Vegas couple with 14 children who appear on their show. Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Doubling Down With the Derricos right now. GG wants Doubling Down With the Derricos fans to know shes doing OK. While shes not out of the woods yet, she recently said her cancer was responding to treatment and she was doing well. Whether they follow through with their move to South Carolina to live for half the year or not will presumably be a storyline. We will get a better view of what has happened in the last year of the Johnstons lives and what changes have come. The news that GG had some serious health problems led Karen and Deon to put their plans to move to South Carolina on hold. Staying in Las Vegas is going to be easier and help all of us sleep better at night, Karen said. Now that Darian Derrico is a teenager, she wants more independence and space. On April 19, 2022, Karen and Deon shared a video via Instagram of the family dancing, and it included GG. I feel vindicated, but still wronged; feel wronged for the right reasons.. Karen and Deon Derrico are parents to four sets of multiples -- 14 kids, including a set of quintuplets -- conceived naturally! We will see Deon sharing tips on how to ride bikes with triplets, Dawsyn, DeAren, and Dyver. Now that we have done away with things that might not be precisely true let us focus on the one thing that is. eventAction: 'click_ads' She went through the loss of the baby and the couple decided they might want to move to Karen's home state of South Carolina. However, it is now official that the Derricos are getting ready to be back on TLC. TLC Fan Favorites Return Here Are The Premiere Dates And More, The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Busts Sheila At Grand Opening With Deacon. Stars Deon Derrico Karen Derrico Doubling Down With the Derricos premieres Tuesday, August 11 at 10/9c. Deon was open to the plan and the couple seeemed to settle on spending part of the year in Las Vegas and part of the year in South Carolina. While season 2 has been teased by both parents, Deon Derrico has been keeping his followers updated by adding the best photos of the kids on Instagram, including adorable . I love them like my own family .l have mad respect for Mr.Derrick. Karen also shared an update on GGs health, and fortunately, the news was mostly positive. However, Deon and Karen make a good team, which has naturally caught the eye of Doubling Down With the Derricos fans. One of the major scares has involved Deon's mother, Marian Derrico, aka "GG."From the very beginning of the season, GG had been experiencing concerning symptoms. Karen and Deon Derrico have been actively sharing with their fans that the show is coming up for a fourth season. Sending love and prayers from The D. Man gigi always got me in my feelings we are rooting for you gigi. If youre wondering whether the family members are real-life people, or paid actors, we are here to assure you that Deon, Karen, and their kids are genuine as are their problems. Season 4 guide for Doubling Down with the Derricos TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Our Teen Trends - OTT is your one-stop shop for whats trending on your favorite Reality TV shows. But soon, Deon Derrico got embroiled in a major controversy for apparently swindling two homeowners and maybe more. 2020 THE SUN, US, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY | YOUR AD CHOICES | SITEMAP, Deon Derrico was charged with real estate fraud and more in 2014, Deon and his wife Karen are parents to 14 children, Deon pleaded not guilty and the case went to trial, The jury was 'deadlocked' and the court ordered a 'mistrial', An attorney for the state asked that Deon's children not be mentioned at the trial, Deon's wife Karen is pregnant with triplets on the series, Doubling Down with the Derricos premieres Tuesday, August 11, Doubling Down with the Derricos star Deon Derrico charged with theft, real estate fraud and other crimes before TV debut, The Dirty Dozen star Trini Lopez dead at 83 after battle with COVID-19, Ben Affleck and girlfriend Ana de Armas have steamy kiss with mask on after Jennifer Garner's 'date' with Bradley Cooper, Lori Loughlin and husband downsize from $18M mansion to smaller $9.5M home as they face jail over admission scandal, Demi Rose shows off her curves in a thong bikini as she poses for a sizzling photoshoot in Ibiza, Little Peoples Audrey Roloff posts rare photo of sister-in-law Molly on visit to ex-reality stars Washington home, Long Island Medium Theresa Caputos daughter Victoria, 25, is now a model for Khloe Kardashians Good American jeans, Little Mix's Leigh-Anne stuns in white bikini on Ibiza holiday, From Pussy Galore to Halle Berrys glamorous assassin, vote for YOUR most iconic Bond girl of all time, Dr Phil congratulates future daughter-in-law Morgan Stewart on her pregnancy and gushes another grandbaby!. As is the nature of such shows, we are taken into the lives and daily struggles of the family. donate plasma for money kissimmee fl craigslist brownsville farm and garden best south texas deer hunts alezauna carter tiktok hpprinter driver download mariska . His tenacious assurance drives him to shimmer like shining starlights. Dont forget to watch 7 Little Johnstons on Tuesday, April 18 at 9 p.m. EST. }); When it comes to the Derricos, family comes first. The Derricos live in Las Vegas and they have had a lot of challenges being a big family. Deon and Karen dance their troubles away with their brood of 11 kids as they await the birth of three more on the shows season 1. hitType: 'event', ET. I just love the family. Sisters Fans Moved By Tammy Slatons New Happy Pic, Was Aaron Carter Murdered? Karen wanted to move from Nevada to her home state of South Carolina, where they would be closer to her family. They even went to a weight loss boot camp to see if this could help them drop the pounds faster.

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